Hot water systems – EvoHeat – 150L – Residential

Like most other appliances, an increased focus on energy efficiency over the past over the past 20 years has led to significant advancements in hot water systems. So don’t just replace it with what you’ve always had – REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER!

The EVO 150-1 is the next evolution in water heating, with advanced energy efficiency technologies and built in smart features to ensure you’re provided with clean, safe, and economical hot water all year round. Unlike traditional hot water systems that use 1kW of energy to produce 1kW of heat, the EVO150-1 utilises that very same 1kW of energy and heat pump technology to generate 4kW of heat – saving you up to 75% of your hot water costs!

Installed from $2,790.00 + GST

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The Evo150-1 is nearly 40cm shorter than our larger Evo270-1 unit. The perfect alternative for installations and households with less hot water requirements.

With the ability to provide consistent hot water for up to 3 people, the Evo150-1 hot water heat pump perfectly suits installation for small to medium sized households.

EVO 150-1 is a stylish compact all in one system, measuring just 568mm in diameter. There are no roof panels, no additional components to assemble on site, and no extra parts or pipes required.

This results in a simple and cost-effective upgrade when installed to the same location as your existing hot water system.

Our dedication to reliability is reflected in our Evo150-1 and Evo270-1 models, backed by a 6-year tank warranty and a 5-year warranty on compressors and all parts. This industry leading warranty underscores our commitment to quality, delivering assurance and confidence in the durability of our hot water units.

  • EvoHeat hot water heat pumps:
    • Built-in timers and solar PV compatibility for maximum solar energy usage.
    • Customizable comfort and energy savings tailored to your needs.
  • Award-winning range with cutting-edge technology:
    • Exceptional hot water experience with innovation and efficiency.
    • Connect to existing Solar PV to potentially reduce hot water costs to nothing.
  • Newest additions cater to various customers and applications:
    • Expanded range from 150 to 315 litres.
  • Smart, affordable, energy-efficient hot water solutions:
    • Save money and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Evo150-1 hot water system:
    • Up to 75% savings on hot water operating costs.
    • Designed for minimal hot water requirements.
  • Capacity: 150L
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Brand: EvoHeat
  • Model Number: Evo-150-1