Hot water systems – iStore – 180L

Looking for a quality Heat Pump Hot Water system and also working on a budget? Look no further than the quality Istore 270L Heat Pump Hot Water System. Available in 270L & 180L tank Sizes with excellent warranties.

Installed from $2,150.00 + GST*

  • Height: 1957 mm
  • Diameter: 540 mm
  • Height to water inlet: 60 mm
  • Height to water outlet: 1240 mm
  • Hot water condensation: 1240 mm
  • Height to PTR valve: 1240 mm
  • Height to anode: 1140 mm
  • Net weight: 93 mm
  • Brand: iStore
  • Model Number: PASHW008-180LD-NM
  • Capacity: 180L
  • Solar PV compatible


All systems have a lifetime warranty on all WORKMANSHIP (provided by OzFlow)
5 years comprehensive warranty for both 170L & 280L systems

Component Warranty Duration
Cylinder 5 years
Refrigeration & Electrical 5 years
Valves or Accessories 1 year



Reasons to go with Ozflow

Choose Ozflow for your heat pump needs for several compelling reasons. We offer a variety of heat pump options, with a focus on quality and efficiency. Our professional plumbers ensure expert installations, even in challenging situations, and our stellar Google rating reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. You can also take advantage of rebates, saving you thousands of dollars. With a lifetime warranty on labor, you can trust in the longevity of our installations. We’re a local, Aussie-owned company with a quick turnaround time, ready for emergency replacements when you need them. Plus, we help you claim STC and ESC rebates without any hidden charges. Our standard inclusions go above and beyond, including valve replacements, concrete slabs if necessary, safety breaker replacements if needed, and efficient rubbish removal. Explore the green benefits of converting, and we even offer the option to connect your heat pump to solar power for sustainable energy solutions. Choose Ozflow for reliable, eco-friendly heating solutions.


This energy-efficient hot water system offers numerous advantages for homeowners in Australia. It operates efficiently year-round, ensuring a constant supply of hot water. Moreover, the government provides incentives to encourage its adoption, making it an economically sound choice. Its eco-friendly design aligns with Australia’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The system’s compact size makes it suitable for even narrow spaces, and its user-friendly electronic controller simplifies operation. For those with existing solar power systems, there are additional savings to be had. Plus, the peace of mind of a 5-year comprehensive warranty adds to the appeal of this innovative hot water solution.