Hydrotherm Dynamic/X8 260L

Looking for a quality Heat Pump Hot Water system and also working on a budget? Look no further than the quality Aquatech Heat Pump Hot Water System. Available in 210L tank Size with excellent warranties.

Installed from $2,215.00 + GST*

  • Input Rating: 700W
  • Compressor: Rotary
  • COP: 4.25
  • Refrigerant: R290 (350g)
  • Tank Material: Vitreous enamel
  • Element Rating: 1.8kW
  • Tank Volume: 260L
  • Tank Recovery: 280 minutes
  • Brand: Aquatech
  • Model Number: Hydrotherm DYNAMIC/X8
  • Capacity: 260L
  • Solar PV compatible



All systems have a lifetime warranty on all WORKMANSHIP (provided by OzFlow)
The DYNAMIC/X8 warranty coverage is 6 years all inclusive (parts, labour, and replacement)


Reasons to go with Ozflow

Choose Ozflow for your heat pump needs for several compelling reasons. We offer a variety of heat pump options, with a focus on quality and efficiency. Our professional plumbers ensure expert installations, even in challenging situations, and our stellar Google rating reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. You can also take advantage of rebates, saving you thousands of dollars. With a lifetime warranty on labor, you can trust in the longevity of our installations. We’re a local, Aussie-owned company with a quick turnaround time, ready for emergency replacements when you need them. Plus, we help you claim STC and ESC rebates without any hidden charges. Our standard inclusions go above and beyond, including valve replacements, concrete slabs if necessary, safety breaker replacements if needed, and efficient rubbish removal. Explore the green benefits of converting, and we even offer the option to connect your heat pump to solar power for sustainable energy solutions. Choose Ozflow for reliable, eco-friendly heating solutions.


Heating Capacity:

Heating capacity is a measure of a heat pumps peformance and is a critical specification for any purchaser to consider. This parameter will determine whether a system will suit a homes needs and how it is likely to perform under specific operating conditions. In standard mode, the DYNAMIC/X8 is capable of 740L daily hot water output and the RAPID/X6 is capable of 600L daily hot output.

Low Temperature Performance Rating:

Both models are Class-A rated for low-temperature heating performance. Low-temperature Class-A: Suitable for low ambient temperature operation without auxiliary boosting.
Low-temperature Class-B: Auxiliary boosting is required for low air temperature operation locations.
Low-temperature Class-C: Limited to operation at ambient air temperature greater than 10 degrees celsius.
Element Rating:

Both models element rating is 1800W. Our element only kicks in if manually set by the user. The purpose of element mode is to ensure even under fault or maintenance the system will continue to provide hot water. Some brands utilise the element as a substitute for a poor performing product.
Solar PV:

The DYNAMIC/X8 & RAPID/X6 have three in-built timers which can be used to fully utilise a Solar PV System. Using timers means you can limit heating times to daylight hours to synch with when your Solar PV is producing power. The storage tank and operating modes will ensure enough hot water throughout the day or night. Solar power fed back into the grid is only worth 8c/kwh, while power you purchase costs 24c/kw or more! So running the

DYNAMIC/X8 or RAPID/X6 on your Solar PV can lower costs by hundreds of dollars annually.

Our heat pumps use R290 which is 100% natural, containing no ozone-depleting substances. It also has zero global warming potential when compared to traditional R134a and R410a refrigerants.
Tank Design:

The inner tank walls are constructed from 2.55mm high tensile steel sheeting, coated in Class X -0.33mg/mm2 vitreous enamel. These construction specifications are up to twice the thickness of competitors products, the advantage is you have a significantly more durable, long lasting inner tank.

The RAPID/X6 & DYNAMIC/X8 are eligible for all Federal and State Rebates that encourage the installation of low carbon, high efficiency hot water systems.